Nice to meet you!

Hi! I'm MC, the Connecticut-based crafter behind Blame the Knots! I proof and edit audiobooks by day (bet you haven't heard that one before, huh?) and in my spare time I can be found knitting, crocheting, reading, or chasing my pets around begging for hugs and kisses. My husband and I live by the coast with two cats and a dog, and I am still trying to convince him to move south to make my sun-loving heart happy. 

As someone who lives with chronic pain, every stitch is sacred to me because I never know when my body will tell me it's time for a break. I try to let this guide my design, utilizing simple techniques in innovative ways to keep making fun while hopefully keeping the pain at bay. I'd love to know if you have any hurdles in your making that I can try to creatively solve!

Why Blame the Knots?

Blame the Knots has a twofold meaning. As all of us have doubtless experienced, there are times when our knitting and crocheting takes over and we procrastinate (or procrasti-knit!) doing all the tasks and responsibilities we have that are way less fun. In those instances, don't fret! It's not your fault - just blame the knots!

Blame the Knots is also my cheeky little way of acknowledging the chronic pain that I struggle with. Sometimes my body tells me I can't work on my projects for a few days. In those cases, I have no choice but to blame the knots in my muscles (and all the other aches and pains). I'm learning to adjust my lifestyle to deal with the pain that pops up, and now I'm adjusting my making! My goal is to find creative ways to work with what my body has to offer, instead of fighting against it. Hopefully I can inspire you to adjust your making for your needs and have some fun along the way!